Gérard Boulay

Whilst on the hunt for a Sancerre rosé our good friend Sébastien Riffault was kind enough to point us in the direction of super nice guy Gérard Boulay. Gérard works with organic methods on his steep, south-facing limestone slopes that hover over the tiny, sleepy village of Chavignol. His vines are on average 45 years old which contributes to complexity and depth in the finished wines. Like Monsieur Riffault, he harvests by hand and lets the juice ferment naturally with the help of indigenous yeasts when needed. Filtration is only necessary in some vintages.. Gérard makes wines that are very approachable in nature, particularly for those are unfamiliar with organic and natural wines. The levels of complexity found in Gérard's wines often mean that they are likened to Burgundian whites and are capable of ageing for years to come.