Pierre Frick

Pierre Frick is a man before his time. Having already converted his vines to organic in the 1970's, he acheived biodyamic status in 1981, several decades before the 'movement' began. Pierre and his wife Chantal grow Riesling, Gerwurtztramminer, Pinot Gris and a small planting of Pinot Noir. Several biodynamic preparations are made in accordance to the lunar calendar and the duo take care to apply less than 1kg of copper per ha each year. They the majority of the wines we carry contain no added SO2.


Alain Allier makes his wine in a small garage close to the Mouriseppe mountains, the very same which used to be a vital look out for the Romans; they probably even planted the vines. The vineyard covers 9 ha in total of Syrah, Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Chardonnay and Chasselas on a limestone base with clay and blue marl. Alain only vinifies the fruit from 4 ha himself, offering the rest to the local coop. Alain's philosophy is simple: the more you do in the vineyard to create healthy, balanced fruit, the less you need to do in the winery. All grapes are picked and destemmed by hand.