Doremi was founded in 2013 by three friends: Giorgi, Mamuka and Gabriel. Their goal is to create the finest organic wines using ancient Georgian techniques. The marani (winery) is located just outside of Tbilisi, in the Samegrelo region of Georgia. Here they produce wines from grapes grown in organic vineyards in many different regions of Georgia. The wines are made without any industrial yeast or additives, and fermented and aged in Qvevri, which are traditional clay pots used in Georgia. Gaumarjos!

Iago's Wine

A true jewel of Imereti, Iago Bitarishvili was the first winemaker in Georgia to have his 2 ha of vineyards officially certified organic, and his ability to be a trend-setter doesn't stop there. Iago makes dry white Chinuri in Chardakhi of the central Kartli region with rarely any skin contact, although this depends on Iago's frame of mind at the time of vinification.

Pheasant´s Tears

Two of the main catalysts of the modern Georgian wine movement, John Wurdeman and Gela Patalishvili, joined forces in the most unusual, but serendipitous way. John, an American painter had moved to Georgia after falling in love with the spirit of the land whilst travelling from Moscow. He took a job painting the fences at a local vineyard when he was approached by a Gela, a 7th generation vigneron, who was convinced John was the man to help bring the traditional style of Georgian wine to the world. John was hesistant, but Gela persisted.