Stella di Campalto

Podere San Guiseppe, an estate in the South-Eastern corner of Montalcino was a sad place until the family of Stella Di Campalto purchased it in 1992. At once, Stella started to ressucitate the 5 ha of vines, which had been abandoned since the war. She turned her focus to organic farming in 1996, which inevitably evolved to biodynamics in the early 2000's.


Podere Pacina sits on an old monastery that has been around since 900AD. The monks planted Sangiovese vines and today Giovanna and her husband make wine from some very old vines that have never seen chemical treatment. Giovanna and her husband are not concerned about using the Chianti Classico classification on their bottles and instead choose to label their wines IGT in order to make wines as true to nature and their history as possible.