Sauvignon Blanc

Cascina degli Ulivi

Cascina degli Ulivi or 'House of Olives' and it's owner Stefano Bellotti have built themselves quite a reputation in the world of Vin Naturel. Stefano began his path as a vigneron with only 1ha of organic parcels in 1977. The farm also had plantations of other agricutlural products such as cereals and vegetables, but he realised that these weren't thriving in the terroir and this shifted his focus to the vines. By 1984 Stefano was ahead of fashion, applying herb manure composts to the vines along with other biodynamic practices.

Alexandre Bain

Alexandre Bain is a wonderful but rare specimen. He wasn't born into wine, his father wasn't a winemaker, and he wasn't born in Pouilly-Fumé. However, his grandfather owned a few plots in the area, which he had bought as a rental investment. In 2007 Alexandre developed a curiosity for winemaking and persuaded his grandfather to let him work on the vines. Gradually, he started buying more and more parcels from growers who were scaling down, and today owns 9 ha.

Domaine de Bablut

The sizeable Domaine Bablut is spread across 55 ha in the Coteaux de l’Aubance at the gates of Angers. Vigneron Christophe Daviau has used organic methods to grow Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc for dry and sweet production since 2010. On top of the organic certificate in his pocket, Christophe takes inspiration from natural activist Nicolas Joly and as a result adopts many biodynamic practices, such as planting hedgerows of redcurrant, wild rose and dogwood to preserve the local vineyard fauna.