Clos Lentiscus

Since 2002 Manel Avinyo has been producing wine under the Name Clos Lentiscus.

The vineyards are located in the protected area 'Parque Naturel del Garraf', surrounded by mediterranean forests, Carob trees, Kermes oak, rosemary and thyme. Hot summers, cold winters, rainy autumns and mild springs. The climate here is more or less perfect for producing wine.


Ton Rimbau likes to do things differently. This you can tell as soon as you see his wines, encased in his distinctive porcelain bottles, hence the name Porcellánic. Ton is a stickler for quality - if in one vintage the grapes don't meet his quality standards, the whole lot with be thrown away. Nature has said no this time. As is common practice in Penedès, Ton used to make wine in bulk and sell off the rest of his grapes to the local cooperative, before he decided to be a winemaker himself.

Partida Creus

Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa were originally architects from Piemonte who resettled in Barcelona for work before eventually moving out of the city in search of a slower life. They found a beautiful home in Massís de Bonastre in the Baix Penedès, but there was just one problem: they couldn't find the kind of wine they wanted to drink. So they decided to start making it. They started looking around for vineyards in the local area, most of which were abandoned due to their old, low yielding vines planted with forgotten varieties.