Stéphane & Bénédicte Tissot

If you want to know anything about the Jura, all you have to do is hook up with Stéphane. The man is a walking, talking (both very fast!) encyclopedia of the history of his beloved center of the wine world. Jump in his SUV, and he will talk you through the geological evolution over the last 80 million years while driving you (again, fast!) to cliff formations and vineyards in order for you to see everything for yourself. And his contagious enthusiasm extends through to his vineyards - imagine being a hands-on craftsman farming upwards of 50 hectares of vines. Biodynamically. And imaging making around 30 cuvées each year. With a big smile on your face. This is Stéphane for you.

In a way, Stéphane is a perfect mix of a traditionalist and a modernist. His 5 top Chardonnay vineyards (really the crand crus of Jura) are all aged and topped up in old tailor-made barrels, which are broken in with the entry level 'Patchwork' Chardonnay and 'Traminer' (Traminer is the traditional name for Savagnin 'ouillé', i.e. topped up and non-oxidative). And all Savagnin (except for one in amphora with 6 months of maceration!) are 'sous voile', i.e. not topped up and developing oxidative notes under flor. Anything made from Poulsard and anything made in amphora see no sulphur. Stéphane says it is simply not needed. Everything is of course indigenous yeast and very minimalistic in terms of intervention. Since 2011, Stéphane has even vinified his Vin Jaune vineyard by vineyard, which totals 5 single-vineyard wines + 1 aged in old Whiskey barrels.

We are proud of having this powerhouse of a winemaker in our portfolio, and not least of being able to call him our friend!