Le Temps des Cerises

Vigneron extraordinaire Axel Prüfer was born in East Germany, but as a young man he moved to Languedoc to start making wine. Axel met Eric Pfifferling early on which helped set his course for the kind of wine he wanted to make. In 2003 he established Domaine Les Temps de Cerises which refers to an old Parisian song from the Revolution. Axel's vineyards are buzzing with life: insects, herbs, flowers, weeds. Wild boar roam in the nearby forests and Axel uses human hair collected from the local hairdressers to distract them from eating all his grapes. Yields are super low. The winery is minimalistic to say the least: only a few steel and fibreglass tanks. Wood is only used if it is super old and won't leak any flavours into the finished product. SO2 is rarely ever used. Axel's whites 'La Peur de Rouge' (Chardonnay) is outrageously complex and individual and the reds are fresh and pure.