Henri Milan

In the hills of Avignon, around the village of St Remy de Provence that was once famously frequented by Van Gogh, lives another kind of protégé. Henri Milan has more or less been a vigneron since birth, planting his first vine at the age of 8 and taking over from his father in 1986. His work in the vineyard shows his complete respect for nature and terroir: practicing biodynamics on the land and being the first in his family to decide to vinify the parcels separately, revealing their outstanding individual potential. When you understand the unique soils of Domaine Milan, you understand why Henri is a fan of minimal interventionist winemaking. The white varieties lie on soils of blue marl, similar to that of Grand Chablis, whilst the red varieties sit on yellow sandstone, almost identical to that of the great terroir of Chateau Rayas. In the cellar, Henri is determined nothing is added nor taken away, with the exception of a small amount of SO2, which is very rarely used at bottling. As Henri says, "You get what you give a vine. It's not a case of purity, it's a question of balance". Tasting Henri's wines you will understand why he is often labelled as one of the greatest secrets of the fine wine world.