Garnacha Blanca

Oriol Artigas

Oriol set out to be a chemist, but after a single harvest in his home area in Catalunya, he decided to study winemaking.

Later he landed a job teaching oenology, which gave him a chance to pursue his dream - to revive the old vineyards of his homeland and make pure, unmasked wines that display their terroir with incredible precision.


Laureano Serres makes wines as natural as they come. After a career in IT, he moved back to his native Catalunya to work at the local wine cooperative, until his dreams of producing natural wines became too radical for the cooperative and they showed him the door. Happily for us, this prompted Laureano to start his own winery, making wines his way. He started out in his own cellar in El Pinell de Brai in Tarragona, and now makes a large range of wines with nothing added at all from his 6ha of low yielding vines.