Francois is determined to put Ontario on the world wide wine map as a serious player in the cool climate wine game! Learning his craft at some highly regarded domaines in Burgundy, he came home to Niagara and began making wine the way he believed it should be made. Everything is organic, although not certified, and the wines are allowed to flow with whatever nature throws at us. But that doesn't mean lazy winemaking - the physical processes are keenly monitored, and no flaws or impurities make it past Francois into the cellar.


Francois Morissette has shown to be a very gifted vigneron. Classically trained he has been working  in the Grand Cru terroirs of Frédéric Mugnier of Chambolle Musigny, Christian Gouges of Domaine Henri Gouges, Jean-Marc of Domaine Roulot and later studied oenology at L’Université de Dijon.

Now Francois is producing wine in the Niagara wine-region of Canada, under the Domain Pearl-Morissette.  

Though classically trained Francis’ approach to winemaking is anything but classic.

Brüder Dr. Becker

Hans Muller and Lotte Pfeffer-Muller are vignerons that have got it right in Rheinhessen. Their work shows commitment and respect for their terroir, even if it makes them stand out amongst their neighbours. They were certified Biodynamic in 2008 but in reality the vineyards have been farmed organically since the days of their parents in the late 70's. Even more impressively, they have agreed to lower their SO2 levels to ZERO for their Riesling Classic, Dienheim Riesling trocken, Scheurebe and Spatburgunder from this year.

Cascina degli Ulivi

Cascina degli Ulivi or 'House of Olives' and it's owner Stéfano Bellotti have built themselves quite a reputation in the world of Vin Naturel. Stéfano began his path as a vigneron with only 1ha of organic parcels in 1977. The farm also had plantations of other agricutlural products such as cereals and vegetables, but he realised that these weren't thriving in the terroir and this shifted his focus to the vines. By 1984 Stéfano was ahead of fashion, applying herb manure composts to the vines along with other biodynamic practices.

Pierre Frick

Pierre Frick is a man before his time. Having already converted his vines to organic in the 1970's, he acheived biodyamic status in 1981, several decades before the 'movement' began. Pierre and his wife Chantal grow Riesling, Gerwurtztramminer, Pinot Gris and a small planting of Pinot Noir. Several biodynamic preparations are made in accordance to the lunar calendar and the duo take care to apply less than 1kg of copper per ha each year. They the majority of the wines we carry contain no added SO2.

Marc Tempé

Marc Tempé used to live in a cave set into the Vosges mountains. He began his journey into winamaking as a lab technician for a company that controls appelations in France (INAO). He later moved further into the vineyard, responsible for selecting lieu-dits and potential grand-crus. The job gave him a good insight who was getting things right and who was getting things wrong in the region. In 1993 Marc and his wife Anne-Marie established their own domaine, formed of plots formerly belonging to their parents.