Sauvignion Blanc

Le Petit Clos des Vents

Sylvain produces very easy-drinking wine in the south-west of France. The 2,5 hectares are planted with Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Sylvain works organically in the vineyards and without adding or taking anything away from the wine in the winery.

Mathieu Coste

In the mid-90's Mathieu Coste went to South America to work on a scientific study in the rainforests of French-Gyuana. In charge was the french botanist and biologist Francis Hallé, and the expereince was eye-opening for Mathieu's way of thinking about plants and plant life.
As a young man Mathieu studied agronomy, and later biology in Tours. One of his firsts jobs was at the Coop of Pouilly-sur-Loire, where Mathieu was in charge of the vinification. Alot of people sold grapes to the Coop, and one of them was vignerons Alain Paulat, who only sold parts of his harvest. 

Maisons Brûlées

Maison Brûlées (lit.Burnt Houses) is named so because of a fire that destroyed several houses in the village. It's infamous vineyard and winery have recently passed hands from longtime vigneron Michel Augé to Paul and Corine Gillet who have been making wine there since 2013. Michel was head of one of the first biodynamic coops in France, and he still hosts meetings in Maison Brûlées where the members gather to make their biodynamic preparations together (the estate was officially certified Biodynamic in 1994).