Château Tour Grise

The family that produce wines under Château Tour Grise have been around a while, allegedly planting and tending vines since the 19th century. In 1998, they achieved biodynamic status which they believed crucial in creating wines that express a true sense of their terroir. Since then they have been renting off bits of vineyard to new, younger generation winemakers in an attempt to keep the blood flowing in Saumur and today make wine from only 8ha which consists of 6ha of Cabernet Franc, 1ha Chenin blanc and 1 ha of Pineau D’Aunis. In the vineyard life flourishes: the grass remains long and wild all Summer long, the vines remain untrimmed and are treated with various special herbal tea preparations of nettles, presses and willows to keep them from sickness. In the winery, nothing is added and nothing is taken away, even when it comes to the application of SO2.