Celler Les Foes

Roger lives in a once thriving winemaking area, Les Coves de Vinromà, but during the 1970's most of the vineyards were uprooted for more profitable crops. This also meant that the old winemaking traditions nearly got lost, but Roger, being a history teacher and all, decided to revive the old traditions in his Valencian area. Nowadays, he is making wine from a few forgotten rootstocks, but most of his production comes from newly planted vines. His vineyards have never seen chemicals, and he is adament about taking good care of the land.


Locally, Mariano is best known for his wizardry in the wine cellar. He knows a thing or two about fermentation!
In the rest of the world, he is known for making clean, pure, easy and highly enjoyable wines - many of them of the Ancestral / Pet Nat / fun bubbles type.


Laureano Serres makes wines as natural as they come. After a career in IT, he moved back to his native Catalunya to work at the local wine cooperative, until his dreams of producing natural wines became too radical for the cooperative and they showed him the door. Happily for us, this prompted Laureano to start his own winery, making wines his way. He started out in his own cellar in El Pinell de Brai in Tarragona, and now makes a large range of wines with nothing added at all from his 6ha of low yielding vines.


Where to begin with the legend behind Escoda-Sanahuja? Unapologetically big personality, unapologetically awesome wines. Vigneron Joan Ramon began making his magical wines in 1997, caring for his vineyards without chemicals from the start. This evolved over time to Biodynamic practices which have been the standard since 2003. In 2007 Joan quit adding any So2 to his wines at any point, and he is now a passionate opponent of the practice. The land spreads over 10ha near Montblanc in Catalunya, which along with the vines is used for olives, almonds, vegetables and animals.

Nin y Ortiz

Amongst the highest altitude parcels of Priorat lie the parcels of Nin y Oritz, situated in Porrera in close proximity to Torroja. Ester Nin and Carles Oritz were independent vignerons until their paths crossed in 2008. Ester arrived from Penedès to Priorat in 2001, and after several projects she bought a small, steep parcel of 1ha in 2004. This became the site of her first cuvée Nit de Nin which produced only 900 bottles the first year. The vines are between 80-100 years old and the soils are licorella schist, which gives the wines their distinctive flint character.