Aleqsi Tsikhelishvili

No one ever showed Aleqsi how to produce wine. Although Aleqsi's father produced wine, he died when he was a child and therefor Aleqsi had to teach himself.
Aleqsi wanted to produce wine and in 1996 he got 2ha land from the government. In 2010 he started selling wine abroad.
Today Aleqsi owns 7 big Qvevri in which he produce 3 different cuvées on 3 different grapes: Jghia, Mtsvane and Rkatseteli.
He produces all of his wine completly organically and from old Georgian traditions, only using bordeaux- and nettle solutions


Our Wine

Soliko Tsaishivili has been producing wine in the Bakurtsikhe Gurjaani district of Kakheti since 2005.
Soliko believes that if you want to drink good wine, you need to produce it yourself. So that’s exactly what he does.
He makes wine according to ancient Georgian tradition, which means that all of his wines are fermented and aged in Qvevri, big clay vessels buried under ground. His big 2000L Qvevries are kept in his basement, which he dug out himself.
Soliko’s wine are alive, constantly changing, and some of the most authentic Georgian wine you will come across.

Okro's Wine

In the small town of Sighnaghi, in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia, lies a little family-owned winery.
John Okruashvili grew up with John Wurdemann’s wife Ketevan (Pheasant’s Tears winery) and since 2009 he has been bottling his own wine under the name Okro’s Wine. Like many other producers in Georgia, the focus of winemaking lies in the passion for ancient winemaking rituals.
This includes fermentation in Qvevri and several monts of skin maceration.